Iron Maiden Tour 2016 – Let The Rocking Begin

The heavy metal world has just been blessed with some all-new concerts from a legendary band! This year’s iron maiden tour 2016 has just recently been announced. All of the initial USA dates have already been released. The name of their shows is the same as their brand-new album, the book of souls. There will definitely be more shows announced in the future, or right now, the only dates that are firmly scheduled are those in America.

If you aren’t in America, never fear. The band has also put out some dates for South Africa and Australia in the spring of next year. The members of the band were pretty heavily hinting that they would going around the USA for some concerts as well, and now we have 100% confirmation that this is happening due to their recently updated calendar of concerts. The first show for the American leg of their all new book of souls shows will be in late February on the 24th in the city of Fort Lauderdale. So far we have confirmation that they will be hitting nine cities in the USA. This first run of shows will span the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. It will begin in February and conclude around the middle of April.

So far, if you count every show that they have on the books, they have a total of 17 dates scheduled loss for. There are many exciting developments for next year’s tour that we have never seen on in the previous world tours. The first of which is the show that they have scheduled for the Japanese. This is the first time in a long time that the guys are going to find themselves on Japanese soil. The fans in Japan couldn’t be happier that the worlds foremost heavy-metal rock legends will be returning to their country. Another amazing milestone that the guys plan to accomplish on the iron maiden tour 2016 is the first shows that they have ever performed in China.

Thanks to a more open China many bands and artists are able to bring their music to her country. This is an exciting development for all artists all over the world the lead vocalist of the band Bruce Dickinson recently said in all new press release that all the members are very excited to begin playing live again. He also said that one of the most important parts for all members of the group is to actually perform live in front of their fans. This is the most enjoyable part of being a musician. Right now, they don’t have a set list set in stone yet. While they do have new material which they will be obviously performing, Bruce has guaranteed that there will be songs that will satisfy every maiden fans desires.

Once rehearsals begin for the iron maiden tour 2016 they will finally put an official set list in place. One thing that he confirmed is that they are all very excited to perform some of their all new material for the fans. Don’t be worried if you are an older fan, they will be playing all of the crowd favorites as well. This will certainly be a spectacle of spectacular proportions. These guys never skimp on the production, and always bring their a game when it comes to the musicianship of both new and old tracks. Be sure to catch these rock stars while the opportunity is still there!